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Frequently Asked Questions

What is high frequency oscillation rate (also measured in Hertz) ?

How long does it take to start seeing results?

Do you need to replace the gas?

Is this safe to use when pregnant or trying to get pregnant?

Can this be used on your back as well or only on the face? Is it also safe to use on or near tattoos

Can you microneedle and use the high frequency device on the same day? If so which should you do first?

Will this product cause discoloration for dark skin?

Does the ozone emitted by high frequency wands pose a risk for cancers?

Can this product be used on men with full beards?

Is it safe to use the device if I have some acne on my chest? Wondering if its unsafe to use something with electricity near my chest/heart...?

Is this safe to user after getting laser treatment on the face?